Meet Lytro, the Light-Field Camera that Snaps 4D Pics

Say hello to Lytro, a new consumer-grade camera capable of focusing on multiple points in an image with eye-popping accuracy after you’ve snapped the picture. We first heard about it this summer, and now it has a release timeframe: early next year. What, you thought “4D” was just marketing gibberish? Because 4D implies “time,” and what …

Adobe Shows Off Blurry Picture Fix in Photoshop

You had the perfect shot. Everything was framed just right, your subjects were smiling, and the lighting was beautiful. But then you hit the camera button with a little too much gusto, and the whole photo came out a blurry mess.

Fortunately, Adobe has demonstrated a fix for blurry photos in Photoshop. Using advanced algorithms, the …

Practice Your Digital Photography Skills On the Web

There comes a time for many amateur photographers when they decide to abandon easy-mode point-and-shoot cameras, and switch to a proper DSLR.

That’s when the learning starts.

And it’s not easy to get your head around the complexities of taking good pictures. It’s not just understanding exposure, shutter speed, aperture and so on, but

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