Artist Transforms Video Game Stills Into Photographic Art

We at Techland hold firmly that video game designers are some of today’s best artists. But we also realize that mainstream art snobs sometimes dismiss the genre as not real art.

That’s why we love the work of Thibault Brunet, a photographer who’s capturing and retouching screenshots to capture the landscapes and portraits found in

Lexar’s First With a 128 GB SDXC Card

Professional photographers and videographers, and wealthy amateurs, take note: Lexar now sells an SDXC memory card with a whopping 128 GB of storage.

SDXC refers to the latest generation of SD memory cards. Theoretically, SDXC supports up to 2 TB of storage and transfer speeds of 104 MB per second. We’re not nearly there yet, but …

You Can Now Print Facebook Photos at Target Stores

Remember photos? Like the ones you’d hold in your hands? They still exist!

You can magically convert your Facebook photos to the kind you hold in your hands through the miracle of “photo development,” which is available through Kodak’s aptly-named Picture Kiosks found in Target stores.

The Facebook-infused kiosks are “now available …

The Great Depression in Color

A series of photos taken by the Farm Security Administration/Office of War Information form 1939-1943 have been published by and are said to be “some of the only color photographs taken of the effects of the Depression” in rural America. The photos were originally shown in a 2006 exhibit titled “Bound for Glory: …

I Am Bat(man) On Fire

Using a Canon EOS 7D and sparklers, Mina Mikhael and Matthew Barhoma created one of the coolest long exposure photos mine eyes have ever seen. Or maybe my love of Batman is just that sickening. EXIF data can be found here if you’re curious as to how these blokes pulled this off.

[Flickr via Giz]

Exclusive Interview with Eerie Von

We’re stepping out of our usual realm of nerdery today to bring a special announcement and interview with Eerie Von of Danzig fame. See, Eerie Von was not only the bassist for Danzig, but he was also the photographer for The Misfits. Maybe you already knew that, but some of you probably didn’t. Just covering our bases.

I’ve …

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