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PSA: Hulu Plus Preview For PlayStation 3 Launches Today

Hulu’s pay-for-play service launches today on Sony’s PlayStation 3 platform. However, only a small group of PlayStation Plus subscribers will have access to Hulu Plus. Everyone else will have to request an invite after they’ve downloaded the app. General availability for all other PS3 owners is “expected in the coming …

Me Make First Look at Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom

People have been comparing Namco Bandai Games’ Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom to Ico. There are some strong similarities to the classic PS2 game: Majin takes place in a faraway fantasy kingdom with crumbling architecture and beset by shadowy creatures. And the player controls a human character who’s linked to a partner character, …

“Classic White” PS3 With 160GB and 320GB Drives On the Way This Month

We hate to dash your hopes of a Christmas in July but the “classic white” PlayStation 3 Slim will only be available in Japan when it’s released later this month. The PS3 will not only see a new color scheme but bigger hard drives. A 120GB model and 320GB model will be released on July 29 for 29,980 yen and 34,980 yen, …

Hulu Plus Requires PlayStation Plus Subscription


Hulu Plus may be coming to the PlayStation 3 next month but it won’t be making its way to every console. It appears as though Hulu Plus requires a PlayStation Plus subscription, which went live yesterday. But it shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Netflix is available for free on the PlayStation 3 while Microsoft requires …

PlayStation Update v3.40 To Bring PlayStation Plus, Enhanced Facebook, Etc.

Earlier today Sony announced details of an upcoming firmware update for the PS3 and PSP. The PS3 will jump to v3.40 and with it comes PlayStation Plus subscriptions (available starting tomorrow) and a slew of other features including Facebook “enhancements.” The PSP will receive firmware update v6.30 that includes PS Plus and …

Jimmy Fallon Talks About Late Night’s Video Game Week

Like lots of gamers over the years, Jimmy Fallon couldn’t get to E3. He’s got a job he can’t get away from so he just had to kind of watch from afar. But, of course the SNL alum isn’t just any gamer. He’s got his own late-night TV show and, when he couldn’t make it for the annual gamefest in LA, he just brought some of E3’s …

E310: PlayStation Move Pwns Microsoft Kinect

Let’s get this out of the way – Sony will dominate the next generation motion control wars.

Calm down, fanboy. I’ve been a long-time supporter of Microsoft’s Xbox platform, so it pains me to say that. But I’ve seen a few things the public haven’t been privy to and spent extensive time with both platforms. While Sony …

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