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Video: Taking On Tiger Woods at His Own Game

The iconic green jacket golfers win at the storied annual Masters tournament means one thing: The victor’s name goes down as one of the best in history. Tiger Woods accomplished that feat in 1997, making him the youngest person ever to do it at age 21.

That’s great and all but I still beat him at his own game. Granted, it was only …

Shiny but Unspectacular: “Killzone 3” Review

Killzone 3
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Developer: Guerilla Games
Systems it’s available on: PS3
ESRB rating: Mature
System reviewed on: PS3

Pity poor Killzone. The FPS franchise that’s lived on two iterations of Sony’s PlayStation game machines always gets compared to other exemplary franchises. The first Killzone was …

PlayStation Motion Controller Move-ing to PCs?

Sony introduced their Move motion controller last year to a fair amount of buzz. While the device arguably had a better launch slate than Kinect, with more than 8 million Kinect sensors sold since its November launch, there’s no question that Microsoft’s revolutionary peripheral trounced the Move at retail. But the device’s chief …

Your Next Move: What You Need to Know About the PS3 Motion Controller

Starting today, the Wii’s no longer the only home console with gesture control capability. Sony’s long-awaited Playstation 3 Move controller finally hits store shelves today, bringing with it an all-new way for PS3 owners to play both old and new games.

From hands-on during various stages of development to exclusive tech demos and our …

Hive Mind: What We’re Looking Forward To in September

School’s out for summer! Oh wait. It’s the opposite of that. Sorry.

We’re only a day and a half into September and the Hive Mind is looking forward to one last long weekend of sun and fun. Star Wars month pretty much rocked our faces off. Hope you enjoyed it as much as we had fun putting it together. September looks like a

Will It Move You?: First Impressions of the PS3’s New Motion Controller

It’s been months of anticipation and some skepticism regarding all things PlayStation Move. We’ve had the hardware and select software titles in our hands for a few days and the cone of silence can be finally lifted. What follows are early impressions based on testing it out in real-world conditions. Fair Warning: comparisons to the Wii …

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