EA Confirms Dead Space 2, Its Dismemberment Plan

Alien dismemberment rules. So that’s why we’re glad that Electronic Arts has finally officially announced Dead Space 2.

The sequel to last year’s critically-acclaimed, third-person survival horror game will feature the same protagonist, Isaac Clarke, as he wields “new tools to gruesomely slice and dismember” the creepy, Thing-like …

The PlayStation Turns 15, We Reminisce

Happy Birthday, PlayStation!

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 15 years since you were born in Japan. You brought us so many good times during your prime. Let us count the games… er, ways:

— You scared the crap out of us with the first Resident Evil.
— You gave us what is perhaps the most beloved RPG of all time in Final

Electronic Arts Plans to Release Fewer Games

Electronic Arts, the publisher of successful video game franchises like Madden NFL and The Sims, will release fewer titles in the years ahead, says CEO John Riccitiello.

Speaking at the Reuters Global Media Summit in New York today, Riccitiello said that the company currently publishes more than 50 titles and plans to reduce that …

Do Your ‘Duty’ With Call of Duty Underwear

What do you give the gamer who’s already got it all?

How about a clean pair of underwear?

While shopping at my mom’s local Super Walmart in Florida, I spotted these official Call of Duty-branded boxers, complete with camouflage colors and the face of a battle-worn solider.

If CoD isn’t their thing, you could always go for the

Tony Hawk RIDE Review: Back To The Drawing Board?

I’ve never been able to play a Tony Hawk game. Not well, anyway.

When the popular skateboarding franchise based on the legendary skater started in 1999 withTony Hawk’s Pro Skater, the title was universally praised. Pushing the right buttons at the right time would allow players to pull off chains of sick tricks never before seen in a …

Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier Giveaway

Jak and Daxter are back for their sixth (give or take) team up in The Lost Frontier and TECHLAND has five UMD copies along with five download codes to give away. Graphics and the ability to customize weapons are pretty appealing for this PSP/PS2 title. Assuming you have a PSP this could be your lucky day. Now pay close attention to find …

Bask In The Glory of BioShock 2’s Box Art

Titillating, isn’t it? What more could you ask for? Lev would have wanted to see some Big Sister on Big Sister action, which I would have loved too but a Big Daddy and Little Sister are neat-o enough for me. What do you folks think?

Oh, if you missed our preview of ‘BioShock 2’ then check this out.

Get Your Sgt. Pepper’s On In New Beatles: Rock Band DLC

When The Beatles: Rock Band came out in September, our dream of playing through the legendary rock group’s career with plastic instruments was fulfilled. And MTV Games, Harmonix and Apple Corps. are continuing to make sure that we’ll get to play through their career… and the entire Beatles catalog.

Hot on the heels of the Abbey Road

Sony Confirms Facebook Coming to PlayStation 3

Look at that. Rumors about the PS3 getting Facebook were swirling last week and the PS team has just confirmed that the upcoming firmware update (v3.10) will include Facebook. Linking your PSN account to Facebook will give you the option of updating your Facebook feed with Trophy and PS Store updates. Because your friends really want to …

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