Contest: Free PSN Codes for Star Trek D-A-C

The folks at Paramount and Sony have been generous enough to grant TECHLAND with 30 PlayStation Network download codes for D-A-C. Because this our first contest on TECHLAND, let’s make it an easy one. Just leave a comment and tell us who your favorite Star Trek character is and why. Said character can be from any Star Trek movie or …

Exclusive Launch Trailer, Screenshots for Tony Hawk: RIDE

Tony Hawk has become a staple in the gaming industry over the years and Tony Hawk: RIDE marks the 10th iteration of the Birdman’s signature video game. TECHLAND has obtained exclusive screenshots, trailer and packaging art for RIDE, which launches on 11/17.

We’ll be interviewing Tony later on today, so look for that video …

The Top 10 Games of 2009

The other day Peter and I were floating around on our hoversofas being fed grapes by our sexy robot servants when the question of the year’s top 10 games came up.

It seems ridiculously early in the year, but for various reasons having to do with the exciting field of magazine production, we have to start thinking about it.

So here …

5 Things That Are Wrong with Killzone 2

Playing single dad will take it out of a dude. Or at least out of this dude. It’s like there’s a magnet in my forehead and a magnet in my desk and the two are attracting each other with a force that will not be denied. In an attempt to shock my system into some semblance of alertness, I have allowed myself a Killzone 2 break.

Many …

My Top 10 Video Games List

I made one. I do it every year! They make me.

The way I see it, the basic problem facing any listmaker this year is that most of the games were either big or clever but not both. Gears 2, Dead Space, Rock Band 2: big but not clever. Braid, lots of little Flash and iPod games like Hunted Forever and Fieldrunners: clever but not big. …

Forbidden LittleBigPlanet: A Review

I’m almost done with Dead Space, a game that continues to present me with visions of extreme and total wrongness. But I’m taking a break to actually fire up my PS3, which I don’t do too often, and mess around with LittleBigPlanet, a trailer for which is here:

LittleBigPlanet is basically what would happen if Michel Gondry were ever …

E3 by the Trailers

I’m not at E3. I read about it on blogs like a normal person. While I am doing so the only thing I really care about is the trailers. So I’m going to paste all the major trailers together into one post and say things about them. Because I care.

First up: The Sims 3.

Yeah. I still don’t get it.

Friend of Nico B.

Video Games are as much a drug as heroin or crystal meth, in that when you play them, you feel GREAT. I defy any to drug user to say the sensation of sitting back in your couch as that first game of Grand Theft Auto IV loads up doesn’t compare to a veinful of the finest black tar street horse.

Who knows if these games are really bad …

The Perfect Ender’s Game Video Game

There are a few sticking points to making Ender’s Game — The Video Game a truly satisfying experience.

1) Hooking up the world’s Xbox 360s, Playstation 3’s and Wii’s to an actual functioning robotic space armada which really slaughters billions of actual living alien beings for real as you play unknowingly from your home.

2) Hiding …

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