Poll Finds Young People Aren’t Bothered by Slurs Used Online

It’s often easy to forget that behind the other side of the computer screen sits a real person with thoughts and feelings. According to a recent Associated Press-MTV poll, most young people between the ages of 14 and 24 think it’s okay to use slurs and derogatory terms as long as it’s done online.

Some slurs like “slut” and …

Poll: How Much Do You Care About the Halo: Reach Leak?

Late last week, reports detailed how Halo: Reach–you know, only this year’s biggest first-party exclusive for the Xbox 360–leaked on Xbox Live Marketplace.

The hackers in question have claimed that they’re not going to be distributing the cracked Bungie game, so the question we have for you, dear readers, is how big an issue you …

Poll: Star Wars In 3D? Yay Or Nay?

We know, we know. You hate people (cough*George Lucas*cough) messing with the original Star Wars trilogy. So do we. (Han shot first!) But sometimes the idea of watching it all in 3D is intriguing, at least. What say ye, Star Wars purists? Would you wear the funny glasses to have that prologue scroll out at you?

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