Review of the Apple iPhone 4S Camera

Apple is heavily promoting its new improved camera as a primary feature of the iPhone 4S. With a 60% increase in megapixels, a sharper and faster lens, and a newly engineered illumination sensor, the popular technology company is hoping consumers will now turn to the iPhone for their primary photography (and video) needs, as well as …

Will the iPhone 4S Replace Your Standalone Camera?

When I travel, I take at least two cameras, both a high-end digital SLR model, and the one in my phone—the latter mostly because I need my phone and can’t claw its comparably poor aperture from the frame. In a tight, impromptu spot, I’ll use the camera-phone, but if I want pictures I plan to keep, it’s the SLR camera, all the …

Study: Thermal Imaging Could Be Used to Hack ATM Codes

It sounds like something from an adrenaline-pumping spy thriller. You know, like Spy Kids 3-D.

A new study from researchers at the University of California, San Diego, posits that thermal imaging cameras can be used to capture the residual heat left over from freshly pressed ATM keys. This strategy in particular holds one pretty …

Sony Announces New Video-Friendly DSLRs and Compact Body Cameras

Sony announced four new cameras this morning: two “all-in-one” compacts with interchangeable lenses, and two DSLRs that aren’t really DSLRs (but more on that in a bit).

The new compact bodies are the latest additions to the popular NEX line, which combine the picture quality and control you get with interchangeable lenses with …

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