Preview: Knights Contract Curses Gamers With Immortality

It’s odd that you see a single trend running through games from a publisher, but Namco Bandai really seems to be enamored of partnership a s a game design idea. I’ve written about Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom‘s odd couple and, of course, the tense bond between Monkey and Trip gives Enslaved it’s essential friction.

The third game in …

Giveaway: Lego Universe Lets Players Build Big

As anyone who has a kid or a younger person in their life probably already knows, the recent wave of Lego video games have been great. Not only have they been some of the best kid-centric video games ever, but games like Lego Indiana Jones and Lego Star Wars have also been fun co-op experiences and good licensed titles, too. But the one …

Tron: Evolution Game Fills Gap Between Old and New Movie

Even though Tron holds a special place in the hearts of nerds everywhere, the games that have tried to build on the fiction of the visionary 1982 film haven’t been successful at capturing its glowing neon energy.

That could all change with Tron: Evolution and the reason for that is the way that Disney and British developer Propaganda …

My Ten Hours with Halo: Reach

I got the weirdest feeling while playing a finished version of Halo: Reach this week. I felt a little bit of regret. Regret, because I–and probably a lot of gamers–have been taking Bungie’s excellent work on the series for granted. And now that the original Halo designers and the universe they worked on are about to part ways, …

Excerpt: Zahn’s Terminator Salvation: Trial By Fire

Timothy Zahn’s Terminator Salvation: Trial By Fire hit both brick and mortar and virtual bookshelves this week. The latest installment in the Terminator universe picks up where the movie left off. Connor is on the mends and the Resistance is trying to figure out what exactly Marcus Wright is and how they can defend themselves against …

Reboot: Windows Phone 7 Preview

What would it take to make Microsoft relevant in a world filled with iOS 4, Android and webOS? Consider, for a moment, that the aforementioned platforms are the Blue Screen of Death for Microsoft. The last generation Windows Mobile platform was old, busted and rusted. And like any overpaid IT guy will ask you, “Have you tried …

Exclusive Preview: Carla Speed McNeil Gets Kitty Pryde Drunk

The third and final issue of Marvel’s Girl Comics anthology comes out next Wednesday–and one reason we’re particularly psyched about it is that it includes a short story by the mighty writer/artist Carla Speed McNeil, the creator of the fantastic, long-running “aboriginal SF” series Finder (whose “Torch” story arc is currently a

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