Alas, There Will Be No More Google Street View in Germany

Auf wiedersehen, Google Street View. There’s going to be no more new street view pictures in Germany, says the search engine company.

Google isn’t taking any of the old Street View pictures down, but they’re not adding or updating any either. Street View was just launched in Germany last summer, but was scrutinized for its …

Google, FTC Bury the Axe Over Google Buzz

Google and the Federal Trade Commission just agreed to make nice over allegations the company’s online conversation-starter Google Buzz violated privacy rights and tricked users into trying the service.

Not that Google’s off the hook. The proposed settlement would task Google with putting into place a “comprehensive privacy program,” …

This Man Knows What You Did Five Minutes Ago

This energetic young man is Tom Scott, making an entertaining presentation at Ignite London a few weeks ago, and very cleverly opening everyone’s eyes to the issues surrounding online privacy. Or the lack of it.

For those of you unable to watch the video, in it Tom pulls live data from the internet in real time, plucking personal …

Europe to Get Tough on Facebook Privacy Issues?

European politicians are a circumspect bunch: they don’t tend to call out American tech companies directly. Still, the speech that European Commissioner for Justice, Fundamental Rights and Citizenship Viviane Reding delivered yesterday left little doubt that the European Union is giving Facebook and Google Street View the stinkeye over …

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