Federal Judge: No Warrant? No Cell Phone Location Data

A Federal court judge has done his part to fend off an Orwellian future, ruling that the government can’t collect citizens’ cell phone location data without a warrant.

The government had ordered Verizon Wireless to hand over 113 days worth of cell site location data for a criminal suspect without probable cause. In its argument, the …

Facebook Adds New Google Plus-like Privacy Features

Well, that didn’t take long.

In a blog post that went up earlier today, Facebook announced that they were adding several new privacy features, many of which are eerily reminiscent of Google Plus.

Their goal is to make who you share your content with more straightforward, thus saving you the embarrassment of having to explain why …

Don’t Blame Facebook for Facial Recognition’s Creepiness

We all know Facebook is an easy privacy punching bag. The social network has a tendency to tinker with our personal data, and deservedly lands in hot water now and then with paranoid users, pundits and politicians.

But the latest episode in Facebook’s ongoing privacy drama has little to do with Facebook itself. Researchers at Carnegie …

Resharing Loophole: Is This Google+’s First Privacy Flub?

Has anything gone from “That’s dumb!” to “Ooh, I wish I could get in…” to “Hey! This is cool!” as quickly as Google+ has?

It’s like a hot new nightclub opened in town, and everyone’s waiting to get in—but you’re not really a party person, so you’re at home playing on the internet sorting your contacts into Google+ Circles. You …

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