Redbox Is Raising Prices (by 20 Cents)

Renting a Redbox DVD will require a little more loose change starting Monday, when parent company Coinstar raises prices by 20 cents per disc.

DVD rentals from Redbox’s ubiquitous kiosks currently cost $1 per night. Coinstar says it’s raising the price to $1.20 per night in response to higher debit card interchange rates, GigaOM

Why Netflix’s Price Hike Doesn’t Bother Me

First off, full disclosure: I’m a streaming-only Netflix customer, and I’ve never been a mail-order video disc guy. I’m too impatient. If I want it, I’ll just Redbox it. Or Blockbuster it. Or if it’s available through an official replay-mode online, simply watch it there, piping the video feed from my laptop to the HDMI port of my …

Airbnb Now Lets You Rent an Entire Country

Got $140,000 to spare? If so, the entire country of Liechtenstein can be yours to rent through Airbnb.

Airbnb is a website that helps travelers rent a place to stay from homeowners. Usually, that means a house, or at least a spot on someone’s couch, but now the scope has expanded to include six Austrian villages, three German towns, …