Pros and Cons of the Internet (as Taught to Students in 1996)

Last weekend, I was at my parents’ house in Connecticut for a family matter. As my sister went through some of the things in her childhood bedroom, she discovered a document from 1996, explaining the advantages and disadvantages of the Internet. This was apparently part of some high school handout packet; also included among the papers …

Video Evidence: They Predicted the iPad Way Back in 1994

“It may be difficult to conceptualize the idea of digital paper, but in fact, we believe that’s what’s going to happen,” says then Knight-Ridder director Roger Fidler in this eerily prescient video from way back in 1994. That’s over 16 years ago, in a world where Aol was still America Online and you had to use a screechy landline to sign …

Old Sierra Titles Heading to iPad

If you’re like me, your entire childhood basically consisted of King’s Quest, Space Quest, Police Quest, Gold Rush!, Hero’s Quest followed by Quest for Glory, Manhunter, The Colonel’s Bequest—you get the idea.

Did you know that you can play some of these games online at It’s true. If you’re a Sierra fan and you haven’t …

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