The Comic Book Club: Spawn and Casanova

This is what happens when Techland goes to the comic book store: we end up discussing what we picked up. This week, Graeme McMillan and Douglas Wolk talk about Spawn #200 and the first issue of Casanova: Gula.

DOUGLAS: So I read SPAWN #200, and my mind is still kind of reeling from it. I’m afraid I’m going to have to cope with it via …

The Comic Book Club: Batman: The Dark Knight and Hellboy

This is what happens when Techland goes to the comic book store: we end up discussing what we picked up. This week, Graeme McMillan and Douglas Wolk talk about the first issues of Batman: The Dark Knight and Hellboy: The Sleeping and the Dead.

DOUGLAS: I suspect Batman: The Dark Knight #1 may be the first comic of its kind in a long …

Facebook’s New Profile: Keep Calm & Carry On

Personal information and photos are the focus of Facebook’s latest profile redesign. Unveiled Sunday during CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s TV interview with 60 Minute’s Lesley Stahl, the changes are already available to all users who wish to upgrade before the mandatory switch is made within the next few weeks.

(More on Techland:

Two Minute Video: Samsung Netbook Tops 10-inchers

Buying a netbook is a tricky proposition. By nature, netbooks are fraught with tradeoffs and shortcomings in order to offset low price points and portability. Samsung’s 10-inch NF310 netbook gets a whole lot right without suffering from too many drawbacks.

While most 10-inch netbooks sport cramped 1024×600 resolution screens, the …

Of Mice and Mean: Disney’s “Epic Mickey” for Wii Review

Disney Epic Mickey
Publisher: Disney Interactive Studios
Developer: Junction Point
Systems it’s available on: Wii
ESRB rating: E for Everybody
System reviewed on: Wii

I played Disney Epic Mickey as destructively and maliciously as I could. I don’t know why I did it. Maybe it’s because I was always more of a Donald Duck fan. …

XWave iPhone Headset Promises to Read Your Mind

The $100 XWave headset plugs into the headphone jack of any iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and claims to measure your Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma and Theta brainwaves. I have no way of proving or disproving these claims, though I can tell you that it certainly does something while you use it.

The headset features a metal sensor that touches

NBA Jam Review: Slightly New Look, Same Classic Game

Did you love NBA Jam as a kid? You’ll love this one, plain and simple. The team at EA has done a great job of rebottling the original formula. Aside from some slightly updated graphics and a few new games modes, the physics-defying basketball brouhaha plays just like you remember it.

New game modes include online multiplayer, Boss …

Review: “Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood” Doesn’t Disappoint

Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood
Publisher: Ubisoft
Developer: Ubisoft Montreal
Systems it’s available on: Xbox 360, PS3
ESRB rating: M for Mature
System reviewed on: Xbox 360

Usually, big game franchises enjoy a lengthy refresh period between installments. There was a three-year gap between Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2, for …

AOL’s Project Phoenix: E-mail Is Innovative Again

AOL wants to remind you that it pioneered e-mail – and it wants you to know it’s going to do it all over again. 

Yesterday, the company previewed the new AOL Mail, code-named Project Phoenix, an influential shift in the new direction of the once-reigning “king of the inbox” – and we got a special sneak preview last week. The

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