RIM: BlackBerry Service ‘Has Been Fully Restored’

Research in Motion co-CEOs Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie held a phone-in press conference this morning to announce that BlackBerry services have been "fully restored" around the world.

"On Monday we had a hardware failure," began Lazaridis, who went on to explain that one of the company’s data switches failed in Europe, at which

Three-Day BlackBerry Outage Finds Its Way into the U.S.

BlackBerry service interruptions have been making their way across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, India and parts of South America over the past couple of days, with reports now surfacing that customers in the U.S. and Canada are experiencing problems as well.

Research in Motion, makers of the BlackBerry devices, took to the

BlackBerry PlayBook Sees Amazon Kindle Fire, Drops in Price $200

BlackBerry PlayBook price, come on down, you’re the next—or actually, first—contestant on The Price Wasn’t Right, But We’ll Fix That, in view of the Android-based Kindle Fire, which Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos unveiled Wednesday for just $199.

RIM’s PlayBook had been going for between $299 and $499, depending on model, but retailer Best …

RIM BlackBerry PlayBook and Smartphone Sales Tank

So much for RIM’s brief PlayBook sales “surge” to “4.9% of the tablet market”: The company’s losing market share “much faster than expected to rivals Apple and Google,” reports Reuters this morning.

RIM took another bath in red ink yesterday, when it revealed its quarterly profits had plummeted, sending the company’s shares tumbling …

BlackBerry Bold 9900 Review: RIM’s Best Smartphone Ever?

Make no mistake about it: The Bold 9900 is the best BlackBerry smartphone to date. But even with a handsome redesign highlighted by a new capacitive touchscreen (plus all the familiar features that make a BlackBerry a Blackberry) will it be enough to close the gap between Apple or Android? Maybe a little?

Take my hand. Let’s find …

Jobs Resigns, Apple’s Stock Drops and RIM’s Goes Up?

Gauging the U.S. stock market’s like refereeing a game of psych-out, so caveat reader, but as short-term signals go, it looks like Apple’s misfortunes—say the world’s most illustrious CEO resigning—are not-so-disguised blessings for Research in Motion.

RIM shares surged more than 2% Thursday morning after the Blackberry …

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