Calling for RIM’s Downfall? Not So Fast.

The Playbook won’t reach mainstream consumers until April 19, a solid three weeks away, but RIM’s already getting slammed for their initial foray into tablet-dom. Analysts are concerned with the company’s giddy enthusiasm over the Playbook’s launch–can the device even make a splash in an iPad-dominated world? But even if the …

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Apple’s iPad 2: It’s Still the One

When Apple unveiled the iPad back in January of 2010, the company’s competitors rightly saw a huge opportunity. Now that Steve Jobs & Co. had created the first modern tablet computer, other manufacturers could build on the ideas it originated. They could offer features that it didn’t. They could deliver more bang for the …

BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet Demo: Multitasking, Adobe Apps

Research in Motion (RIM) CEO Mike Lazaridis showed off his company’s upcoming BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet at a conference for Adobe developers yesterday. The real-time demo features a look at the tablet’s multitasking abilities as well as how it handles browser-based Flash video playback.

The PlayBook heavily leverages Adobe’s

What the PlayBook Means for RIM

Where do I even begin?

Earlier today RIM revealed its tablet and throughout co-CEO Mike Lazaridis’ presentation I couldn’t help but wonder how many catchphrases or buzz words would be thrown out. I lost count minutes after the PlayBook was officially unveiled.

The PlayBook seems impressive with “features” like Flash, a …

Why is RIM Shopping For a Mobile Ad Network?

The WSJ is reporting that BlackBerry maker RIM is looking to acquire a mobile ad network to offset their declining market share.

Baltimore-based Millennial Media is said to be the target acquisition but talks have stalled, according to WSJ’s sources. It seems the two sides have a disagreement over MM’s worth. With recent mobile ad …

BlackBerry Torch Review: Too Little Too Late?

To say that Google and Apple have left RIM in the dust is a bit of an understatement. While RIM has the lion’s share of the smartphone market in the U.S., that number is beginning to decline while Android’s and Apple’s continue to grow each quarter.

RIM has always been focused on the enterprise side and only marginally dabbled …

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