Study: Android Smokes iPhone 4 Crunching Web Pages?

Everyone loves a smackdown, so how about one that proves whether Google’s Android or Apple’s iPhone is faster? And from a disinterested third-party researcher to boot?

Blaze Software says it ran a whopping 45,000 tests to prove whose browser was really king of the mobile mountain. The results: Android’s Chrome browser was an …

Pwn2Own Roundup: Apple Fails, Google Stays Strong

The hackers at last week’s Pwn2Own contest had a field day with some of the world’s most popular browsers, but they didn’t make a clean sweep.

Pwn2Own pits security experts against web browsers on laptops and smartphones. At stake are cash prizes of $15,000 per exploit, along with the actual hardware on which the browsers were hacked. …

JavaScript Showdown: Android 2.2 vs iOS4

The gents at Ars did a little JavaScript testing on Google’s Android 2.2 versus Apple’s iOS4 to see which platform had a speedier Web browser. Based on SunSpider and V8 benchmarks, Froyo blew the doors off iOS4 and Éclair. According to said benchmark tests, Froyo is nearly three times faster than Éclair and three times better …

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