Yell Phone: Using Speech to Recharge Portable Gadgets

Engineers in South Korea are working on a system that converts sound to energy, with one potential real-world application of the technology being cell phones that recharge themselves as people speak into them.

We won’t see a fully functioning solution like this in the near future, but the team demonstrated that “a prototype of the …

Chimps Know Who They Are When Playing Video Games

For humans, associating with video game characters is second-nature. I ducked. I jumped. I fell off a cliff and died.

As it turns out, chimpanzees are capable of similar associations. At Kyoto University’s Primate Research Institute in Japan, scientists discovered that chimps become aware of their digital avatars when playing video …

How Many Oranges Does It Take to Power an Electric Billboard?

It only takes 2,500 oranges to power a neon billboard and two repairmen to change a light bulb in my apartment. I think it’s time to head to the produce market the next time I have an electrical shortage.

A recent Tropicana ad for the French market shows a team assembling thousands of oranges to power a neon sign. The project, which …

We Can Now Talk to Computers with Our Minds

Using techniques usually reserved for identifying epilepsy in patients, a team of scientists at Washington University were able to successfully have subjects move computer cursors using nothing but their thoughts.

To make it work, the scientists first utilized a temporary surgical implant attached to regions of the brain that pertain …

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