Screenshot Tour of Facebook’s New ‘Timeline’ Interface

I signed up on Facebook back in 2004, mere months after Zuckerberg launched the social network at Harvard. At the time, the network was a hit amongst college campuses and was not yet available to the public. Since then, the user interface has gone through more looks and changes than Lady Gaga sees in a good month.

Yesterday, …

Tasty ‘StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm’ Details Divulged

Just like that, Blizzard’s teasing StarCraft II expansion numero duo details, including a teaser that probably shouldn’t have been teased yet. See what happens when you take a day off?

As expected, the expansion—dubbed Heart of the Swarm—continues Blizzard’s epic sci-fi soap, including scruffy brooding cowboy-type Jim Raynor’s …

Six Stunning New Skyrim Screenshots

Slow day for game news? Skyrim to the rescue! Bethesda just deployed six new screen grabs (hint: they’re pretty grand) from their upcoming roleplaying saga. Why not have a look?

We’ve got the one where you’re stuck in a cave, the one where you’re gawking at cloud-draped mountains, another where you’re two-stepping with knives, and of …