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Remember Cuil? Google Does

Back in 2008, a search engine called Cuil launched. Its founders included several folks with impressive backgrounds in the search business. It claimed to be the world’s largest search engine, and said that it had figured out an …

MC Hammer Launches ‘WireDoo’ Search Engine for Some Reason

Please Hammer, don’t hurt ’em. Those competing search engines know that your new search engine, WireDoo, is too legit to quit. Stop. Hammer time moves much faster than standard technology product development time.

Don’t stop, actually. After all, they put you in the mix. Now everyone keeps saying, “Here comes the Hammer!” This is the

3 of 10 U.S. Web Searches Powered by Bing

Microsoft has hit a milestone in its slow search ascent, with Bing powering 30 percent of searches in the United States.

That’s only if you include both Bing and Yahoo, which is powered by Microsoft’s search engine. Separately, Bing is still in third place with 14.32 percent of the market in March, according to Hitwise. Yahoo has …

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