Mozilla ‘BrowserID’: One Password to Rule Them All

If there’s one thing that unites everyone on the internet, it’s frustration with passwords.

No-one likes having to remember them. People have poor memories and just get lazy. It’s so much easier to type mom’s dog’s name than to try and memorize a 16-character string of random letters and numbers. Especially if mom helpfully called her …

The Top 10 Places to Lose Your Cellphone

The last time I lost something, I lost it in a taxi, which actually makes perfect sense according to this list. Mobile security company Lookout released a list of where most people commonly lose their cellphones, and which cities also seem to be the most absentminded.

Miami checks in as the city most prone to losing its phones. Maybe …

Did U.K. Journalists Use E-mail Viruses to Steal Personal Info?

Two sex-life bloggers believe they may have been victims of computer hacking attempts by journalists at newspapers owned by Rupert Murdoch.

As the U.K. scandal enveloping politics, police corruption and journalism ethics grows wider and becomes ever more serious for media tycoon
Murdoch, these latest accusations suggest that the …

Is Cyberwar Real or Just Hype?

Online security risks have become increasingly prevalent with the likes of Anonymous and LulzSec continuing to expose the sorry state of corporate network security, and policymakers are clamoring to “do something” to address the threat. Unfortunately, there is a tendency in Washington to employ the rhetoric of war when talking about …

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