Skype Founder Unveils Netflix Competitor

Watch out, Netflix: There’s a new player in the online video space, with the kind of past history that should probably make you a little nervous. Introducing VDIO, the new streaming video-on-demand service from the people who brought you Skype. And Napster. And Apache. You’ll find some Microsoft veterans in there, too.


Skype for iPad Appears, Vanishes, Reappears

Skype for iPad briefly surfaced on Apple’s App Store this morning, promising to unlock net-based voice and video calling for tablet aficionados, but the app mysteriously disappeared just as quickly. In its wake: a puzzling “temporarily removed” note.

A quick scan of the company website and official Twitter feed solves the mystery: …

Facebook Announces Group Chats, Video Calling via Skype

Days of wild speculation as to what “awesome” really is can finally be laid to rest.

Today Mark Zuckerberg, coated in a hurried layer of sweat (and excitement!), announced from the company’s Palo Alto headquarters that Facebook would be implementing a newly designed chat interface that allows for group chatting, and partnering with …

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