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Don’t Blame Facebook for Facial Recognition’s Creepiness

We all know Facebook is an easy privacy punching bag. The social network has a tendency to tinker with our personal data, and deservedly lands in hot water now and then with paranoid users, pundits and politicians.

But the latest episode in Facebook’s ongoing privacy drama has little to do with Facebook itself. Researchers at Carnegie …

Can Facebook Ruin Your Child’s Brain?

In a post on his Guardian blog, Martin Robbins admonishes some flimsy science in an article from the Daily Mail. The title of the article in question pretty much says it all: “Facebook and Twitter are creating a vain generation of self-obsessed people with child-like need for feedback, warns top scientist.”

The article posits that …

Ads Creep into Twitter Timelines, but Don’t Panic Yet

Twitter has devised a way for advertisers to make their messages more prominent in users’ timelines, but it’s not the full-fledged ad invasion that you might be fearing.

Starting today, Twitter is rolling out “Promoted Tweets” for companies like Dell, Gatorade, Groupon and HBO, as well as some non-profit organizations such as the …

Why Google+ Shouldn’t Be Chasing Celebrities

Lady Gaga is not on Google+. Nor is Oprah Winfrey, Justin Bieber or many other mega-celebrities, but apparently, Google wants to change that.

CNN reports that Google is drawing up a “celebrity acquisition plan” for its new social network, including a way to verify famous people as the real deal. Google won’t confirm the plans, but CNN

Happy 5th Birthday, Twitter

It’s hard to believe that Twitter turns five years old today, and I’m not just saying that because time flies.

Twitter was a slow burn instead of a slam dunk. When it launched to the public in 2006, it had a different name (Twittr), and hardly anyone used it. A chart at Business Insider shows that Twitter didn’t reach 1 million unique …

Google+ Is ‘Growing Like Crazy’

If you’re desperate to get on to Google+ but are still awaiting your invite, stay calm: Google’s new social network is growing incredibly fast, according to one unofficial study. So your chance to join in the Circle-dancing fun on G+ can’t be far off.

According to G+ user Paul Allen (not the Paul Allen that co-founded Microsoft, …

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