Social Networking

Color: A Social-Networking Phone App That Connects to People Around You

Word to the wise: This app is not for people who can’t handle Foursquare. But if you can get past sharing your location to the world (and love to tweet and Facebook with rabid enthusiasm), Color, a social-network-slash-phone-app, is an interesting social network that’s designed to meet people.

Color is basically a smartphone …

Social Networking Could Enhance Your Love Life

Before you bash your friends who go online to flirt with their crushes or those who send love notes to their significant other via social networking, a new study from Euro RSCG Wordwide is showing that online communication can actually help your relationship.

“We used to meet in bars, and restaurants, we now meet on Facebook and …

MySpace Integrates Facebook, Universe Doesn’t Collapse

You can now log into the social network that nobody uses anymore with your username and password from the social network everyone uses. And with that, MySpace has pretty much given up on trying to be a social network in the interest of serving as a personalized entertainment site instead.

That’s actually pretty smart.

You can now …

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