Emanata: Superman Vs. America? Nah

It’s worth getting the story of how this whole mess started straight: one of the half-dozen backup features in this week’s Action Comics #900 is a one-off, nine-page story, written by David S. Goyer (who’s writing the screenplays for the forthcoming Superman and Batman movies) and drawn by Miguel Sepulveda, with the unpromising title …

The Comic Book Club: Action Comics #900 and The Mighty Thor

This is what happens when Techland goes to the comic book store: we end up discussing what we picked up. This week, Douglas Wolk, Evan Narcisse and Graeme McMillan talk about Action Comics #900 and The Mighty Thor #1.

DOUGLAS: Action Comics #900 is a mess, and the regrettable thing is that it didn’t have to be this way.

I’d been …

The First Superhero Comic Book Hits #900

When the debut issue of Action Comics, cover-dated June 1938, introduced Superman, it became the first superhero comic book as we know it. Action has been appearing more or less monthly ever since–and sometimes more than monthly. (It was actually weekly for most of 1988.) This week, Action Comics #900 comes to comics stores, making it …

Emanata: Lois Lane, Hidden Reporter

The most talked-about preview of a comic book this week has been for something that wasn’t actually intended to be a comic book and will never be published. A couple of years ago, Dean Trippe came up with an idea for a series of young adult novels: Lois Lane, Girl Reporter, about 11-year-old Lois’s adventures in investigative journalism. …

Superman’s Most Inappropriate Team-Ups

This week sees the first-ever reprint of Superman Vs. Muhammad Ali, the semi-legendary giant-size 1978 one-shot in which Superman faced The Greatest in a boxing ring to save Earth from an alien invasion. (It was created by the reunited Green Lantern/Green Arrow team of Denny O’Neil and Neal Adams, and is significantly better than it has …

The Secret of “All-Star Superman”

Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely’s superb All-Star Superman appears in an oversized “Absolute” hardcover edition this week. It’s one of the best Superman stories ever created–a beautiful encapsulation of everything that’s great about the character. As with a lot of Morrison’s work, it’s also filled with tiny details that don’t call …

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