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Are Texting Apps a Real Threat to Wireless Carriers?

Apple is poised to introduce iMessage – essentially “free text messaging” – in iOS 5. Is it the end of the text message as we know it? Perhaps, but not quite yet.

The thought of an app on your phone that lets you communicate with others for free, sans antiquated text message, is thrilling. While it may not be time to ditch your …

AT&T Texting Plans Whittled to Unlimited and Pay-Per-Text

On August 21, AT&T will once again “streamline” its text messaging plans, leaving only unlimited and pay-per-text options for new subscribers.

AT&T is removing a plan that offered 1,000 text messages for $10 per month plus 10 cents for additional messages. AT&T’s other texting prices will remain the same, at $20 per month for unlimited

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