The Future of Toys Is…Apple’s iPad?

Could tablets like the iPad ever replace toys like LEGOs, Erector Sets and crayons? Probably not, but startup Launchpad Toys thinks the iPad (and presumably tablets in general) has the potential to.

Okay, so the iPad’s already fairly toy-like. If you have one and kids, or you’re just a big kid (like me), you’ve probably goofed around …

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With Electronic Toys, Simplicity Is Everything

Only a weirdo would use a thirty-year-old word processor to get real work done. (I know what I’m talking about: I used word processors back then, and don’t want to go back.) There’s nothing particularly strange, however, about playing thirty-year-old electronic games.

Such as Ms. Pac-Man, for instance, a game that’s still beloved and …

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