Toys “R” Us Adding iPad 2 to Inventory?

You’ve got your Toys “R” Us Geoffrey Giraffe umbrella, your Buzz Lightyear talking action figure, and your Sassy ring-o-links, but wait–aren’t you forgetting something? Your know, like an Apple iPad 2?

If you’d rather grab your toys and totable tech all at once, it looks like you’ll soon have the option: According to, …

Toy Fair: Top 10 Tech Toys For 2011

Once an expensive minority, toy makers are adopting newer technologies every year – it seems like almost everything needs a battery or power source now. This year’s Toy Fair was no different. Combing the aisles, I found the ten toys with new or interesting technology that’ll make your kid say “gimme.”

3D Accessory Coming for iPhone

Remember the View-Master? Imagine replacing those little round plastic disks with an iPhone and you’ve basically nailed down what Hasbro’s trying to do with the My3D iPhone accessory.

Due out next spring, the My3D kit will pair an iPhone-mountable viewing apparatus that costs $30 with—you guessed it—apps available from the …

Transformers Package Art – More Than Meets The Toy

If there’s one thing that every kid who owned Transformers toys in the 1980s can agree on, it’s this: The packaging art always looked cooler than the toys. Whether it was the fact that the illustration of Optimus Prime didn’t have skinny arms or legs that broke ridiculously easily (Yes, it still annoys me, dammit!) or just seeing a …

Mario Kart RC Cars Let You Virtually Shoot Other Players

Hot damn. This remote control Mario Kart set not only lets you race your favorite characters around on your kitchen floor, but the controllers feature built-in virtual projectiles and power-ups in the form of shells, banana peels, mushrooms, stars, and more.

The karts apparently have built-in sensors, so when you get hit from …

Hive Mind: What We’re Looking Forward To In June

I don’t know about you folks, but I couldn’t be happier to put May to bed. Summer is literally just around the corner, which means we’ll be retreating into air-conditioned theaters for those so-called blockbusters, among other things. But before we jump into what the Hive Mind is looking forward to in June, let’s take a minute to …

Toy Fair 2010: We Came, We Saw, We Picked The Best

Allie alluded to our Toy Fair adventures yesterday in the Daily Dose and today we bring you Techland’s Best of Toy Fair 2010. Selections were made for kids ranging in age from 6-90. Some are motorized and interactive while others need to be under lock and key, but mostly, they’re fun and enjoyable for all.

So, without further ado, …

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