The Ultimate Guide to Staying Connected on Vacation Abroad

Does being cut off from the outside world give you the heebie jeebies?

It’s summertime, which means it’s time to hit the boarding gates of the nearest terminal and get out of town. And if you’re going somewhere exotic that requires you to dig your passport out (hey, Mexico still counts), you may be wondering what life is like when the …

Planning Sounds for Future Cars

What sound do cars make?


Wrong. Not all of them do, not anymore. The latest electric cars are near-as-dammit silent when they’re doing under 20 miles per hour. Above that, and you might – might – hear a soft vvvvmmmmmmm.

This is more of a problem than you might think. As pedestrians, millions of us have ears …

American Airlines to Offer In-Flight Streaming to Personal Devices

If you get nauseous looking at screens on the seat in front of you, American Airlines plans to roll out in-flight streaming to your own personal, Wi-Fi enabled doodad. At the very least, you might get a little bit more privacy.

Customers will be able to stream TV shows and movies directly to their laptop, iDevice, smartphone or …

25 Essential Apps for Travelers

After a long, cold, dark, snowy, jerky winter, we’ve officially hit some nice weather. And not the fake nice weather where it’s nice for half the day and then it rains and then the next day it snows—fool me once, shame on you; fool me pretty much all of April, shame on me for breaking out my short-shorts and donating all my warm …

London Turns Subway Commuting Into a Game

Regular commuters on London’s Underground rail network have now got a new incentive for keeping their journeys short: a social network that turns the Tube into a game.

It’s called Chromaroma, and it’s easy to play.

Pretty much everyone in London already has an Oyster card – an RFID-enabled smart card that they can top up with …

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