Felicia Day: The Nerd World Interview

You might know Felicia Day from Dr. Horrible, or The Legend of Neil, or Buffy, or Dollhouse, or from the Web series she created, The Guild, which is now out on DVD. Or you might just know Felicia Day from Felicia Day — she’s a huge Web celebrity, basically for being smart and nerdy and pretty and a good actress, and genuine in a way …

The Riverworld Trailer Is Out

This stirs up a lot of weird emotions.

Riverworld falls into the surprisingly large group of SF novels that could accurately be tagged, “really really long, involved SF series that were confusingly sexually explicit for the age I was when I read them, i.e. 10-12.” Other examples being the World of Tiers books (also by Philip Jose …

True Tales of Conversational Vengeance

A few years ago, after a long day spent thinking of new nouns for Homer to say after “Mmm…”, my wife dragged me to the screening of a film directed by a friend. The film was fine. The rough part was the reception.

A room full of strangers is not my favorite social scenario. I prefer a room full of people who already think I’m great. …

The Prisoner

AMC is streaming all the old episodes of The Prisoner. (First episode here.) It’s an excellent day for paranoids. They’re doing this to promote their remake of same, which debuts in November.


I’ve flown back and forth to NY, like, three times during the past month. To make the time pass more quickly, I started downloading Battlestar Galactica episodes to my iPhone on the recommendation of friends who claim the series rivals The Wire in its awesomeness. It does.

I don’t know why Lev resists it so much.

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