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Gaming Tip Sheet: “DC Universe Online”

For those of you who want to get some inside tips on DC Universe Online, the new MMORPG that allows you to play as a superhero or supervillain, we spoke to DCUO Game Director Chris Cao. He was more than willing to oblige, giving us a range of things to think for newbies or a seasoned veterans of games like these.

Remember The …

Ten Video Games for Fighting Holiday Flab

The holidays are over. They’re over. Let ’em go. We all overindulged, we all said we wouldn’t, and now we’re all resolving to get back in shape. Short of running outside in the freezing cold or taking out a second mortgage to cover a gym membership, here are 10 video games to help trim that waistline.

So You Want To Be A Video Game Tester?

The idea of being forced to test out video games all day sounds like the perfect career for most people. The truth is, according to Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) Senior Release Manager Brent Gocke, all the rumors are true: It’s the dream job for someone who wants to break into the industry.

“If you enjoy tinkering and …

Top Five Uses For Your Kinect Besides Gaming

The Kinect might be Microsoft’s new add-on to their Xbox 360, but many gamers are finding other uses for it. Kinect hacks are growing in popularity and showing that the technology might be useful for more than gaming. Here’s some of our favorite modifications for the Kinect that we think will revolutionize your life.

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Happy 5-Year Anniversary Xbox 360!

It’s been a long five years since we’ve first met, Xbox 360 , and we can’t imagine life without it. Promising game consoles came and went on the market, but we’ve stuck by you through thick and thin – you’re second in popularity among your peers. Though many said Microsoft couldn’t do it, you helped a company break into video game …

Interview: Peter Molyneux Talks Fable III

At about 1:30 in the video below, you’ll notice that Peter Molyneux makes a Batman reference. That’s because Peter Molyneux and I always wind up talking comics. When I first met Molyneux during a press tour for the first Fable, we wound up talking about Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon’s Preacher. And, most recently, he talked about a battle

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