A Brief History of Skype

Microsoft just bought Skype for $8.5 billion. Not to get too personal, but that’s many, many billions more than I make in a year. But unlike buying a human writing machine like yours truly at an affordable price, Microsoft is paying $8.5 billion for something called Skype. Here’s what it’s getting.

Remember Kazaa?

Kazaa, in case …

Your New Phone: Facebook

Not content with playing home to gazillions of your family barbecue photos or a megatrillion updates about cats, Facebook is branching out and taking on yet another aspect of social networking: old-fashioned voice calls.

The hitherto humble little Facebook chat window, which lurks unobtrusively at the bottom of your Facebook wall, now …

Free Android and iPhone Group Video Calling Comes to Fring Beta

Want to FaceTime a bunch of people at once? Boo hoo. Skype for iPhone can’t do it either. Fring, another VOIP service, just started offering free group video calling – but it’s limited to a private beta build. Which means perhaps in a few months, it might get to tantalize the public with its video wiles.

The feature lets you …

Google Voice Apps to Make Their Way Back to iPhones?

A little over a year ago, a handful of Google Voice applications co-existed peacefully inside Apple’s App Store.

VoiceCentral, GVDialer, and GV Mobile were each developed by independent programmers to leverage the Google Voice service in order to provide iPhone owners with the ability to make and receive calls using their Google Voice …

Skype Testing Out 10 Person Group Video Calling

Remember the optional party line feature available from your telephone company back in the late 80s and early 90s?

One girl from your entire group of friends would have somehow convinced her parents to add party line to their phone, she’d call up a handful of other awkward preteens, and you’d all sit there in silence together, with …

Google Voice to be Integrated Into Gmail for VoIP Calls?

Back in 2005, a useful communications service called GrandCentral was launched. With it, you could get yourself a single phone number that got forwarded to any or all of your other phone numbers and featured some cool bells and whistles such as different voicemail greetings depending upon who was calling you—friends, family, …

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