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Showdown: Chrome (Beta) vs. Firefox 4.0

With new versions scheduled to be released for these two popular web browsers, many of us are rethinking where our loyalties lie. Should we go with the Google Chrome (Beta) or Mozilla Firefox 4.0? Is it worth the upgrade, or is it time to try something new? Here’s a list of the new and upgraded features to make your decision …

Being Tracked By Online Ads? Opting Out Is Getting Easier

If you’re like most people who use the web, you may be unaware that many of the sites you visit have been taking notes about your browsing behavior.

These notes are stored in tiny files called cookies—everyone likes cookies, right?—and are used by several large advertising companies to build what’s supposed to be a non-identifying …

Top 10 Alternative iPad Web Browsers

If you find Apple’s Safari web browser to be a bit too limiting on your iPad, there are a whole host of alternative browsers out there. Here’s a list of some of the better ones that offer nice extras like tabbed browsing, privacy management, advanced touchscreen controls and more.

Google Announces Browser-Based App Store

Citing the difficulty inherent in finding web-based applications, Google has announced its own web store, fittingly called the Chrome Web Store. It’ll feature one-click purchases tied to your Google account, and purchased browser-based applications will appear right on your Chrome start page.

During the keynote at its 2010 …

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