Patent Troll Sues Businesses that Offer Wi-Fi; Individuals Safe for Now

A patent troll who could potentially sue any Wi-Fi user is broadening its attack to include hotels, but is leaving individual users alone for now.

The firm, Chicago-based Innovatio IP Ventures, has already sued department stores, restaurants and coffee shop chains for offering Wi-Fi to their customers. The next wave of lawsuits …

Microsoft ‘Accidentally’ Deleting Google Chrome from Windows

Oh no they didn’t (but oh yes they did): Microsoft’s antiviral software’s been “accidentally” wiping Google Chrome off the face of the map, or at least from the hard drives of several users’ Windows-based computers.

The trouble stems from a bug in the company’s antiviral security suite, an inconspicuous slice of software dubbed

Net Neutrality Proponents Sued by Net Neutrality Proponents?

The folks who just officiated over net neutrality Internet regulations, the Federal Communications Commission, are being sued by—yep, the folks who fought to make net neutrality happen. Net neutrality’s advocates suing net neutrality’s enforcers?

True story. The FCC just last week rolled out the final version of its network …

Yahoo Releases Memo to Reassure, Confuse Employees

With all kinds of uncertainty surrounding the future of Yahoo, it’s not surprising that the bosses want to send a message to everyone that everything is in hand, that there is a plan, and that everyone should just relax and everything will be fine. What is surprising is just how confusing that message ended up being.

A leaked memo …

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