Will Facebook Music Actually Work?

Facebook’s music integration is finally here, and it’s unlike any sort of music sharing we’ve seen before as part of the Open Graph. Ostensibly you’ll be able to keep track of what your friends are listening to via Facebook’s new real-time Ticker, which Zuck promises will deliver updates in—his actual words—“real-time …

Pandora Ends the Tyranny of 40-Hour Listening Caps

Remember back in the day when you listened to Pandora and hit your 40-hour listening limit?

“Wait, what? No more music?” you ask, brow furrowing as you slowly remove your earbuds. “Geez, 99 cents? For an entire month of streaming radio that I can customize as I please? Does it LOOK like I’m made of money?”

(MORE: Which Music

Magisto Edits Your Long, Boring Videos Automatically

Recording life’s precious moments on video seems like such a good idea—until the time comes to boil down an hour of raw, mostly worthless footage into something watchable.

A new, free video editing service called Magisto claims to solve this problem by automatically editing long videos or multiple clips into a short, YouTube-able …

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