Study Reveals Facebook Could Be Outing Gay Users

A new study from Microsoft Research India and Max Planck Institute for Software Systems shows that companies are taking gender preferences into account when posting their ads on Facebook. Though that is completely logical, they also found out whether or not you reveal your sexual orientation on your profile, companies still somehow have …

Facebook Finally To Create A Dislike Function… Sort Of

The moment you have been waiting for has arrived: You can finally show your disapproval for your friend’s posts. No more comments of “I dislike this” or liking something but really meaning you are commiserating with the person.

It’s not so clear cut though. Now you can rate a status up or down, and a percentage of how many people like …

Sites Finding Out That Libyan Government Controls Your .ly Domains

Who would have thunk that .ly was actually the top-level domain code for the Libyan government, just like .ca for Canada and .us for the United States? Probably not the creators of bit.ly, owl.ly, smel.ly and other .ly URL shorteners that are out there.

Now it’s causing problems: One URL shortening website is reporting that they’ve …

Facebook May Be Getting A Facelift

Facebook is inviting the press into their headquarter today at 10 AM PST, which only means one thing: Something is about to change.

The invite didn’t say much, but people are guessing what the reveal could be. Many sites, including TechCrunch, are pointing to a site wide redesign. Some users are already seeing the Facebook chat …

Every Continent Has Been Google Street Viewed

Remember when Google Street View launched in 2007? Countless hours were spent exploring the streets of NYC, Miami, Denver, Las Vegas and San Francisco. Some folks got pissy over privacy issues and others were caught with their pants down or something like that. Didn’t one of the Street View cars capture a crime in progress or …

AOL Buys TechCrunch

This is kind of inside baseball, but it’s a big deal in the tech blogging world: TechCrunch has just been acquired by AOL.

Financial details of the deal are unknown, but the acquisition specifies that “TechCrunch and its associated properties and conferences will join the AOL Technology Network while retaining their editorial …

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