‘Spam King’ Sanford Wallace Could Face 16 Years in Prison

Sanford Wallace’s claim to fame as the Spam King dates back to the late ’90s, when his company, Cyber Promotions, became notorious for sending unsolicited junk emails to the masses.

Flash forward to 2011, and Wallace is now facing criminal charges for allegedly sending over 27 million spam messages through illegally phished Facebook …

How to Tweet Like a Man (Sort Of)

Fair warning: We’re defining “man” here in a much more nerdy way than, say, the tree-chopping, Dos Esquis-swigging sense. Here, we’ll be talking about male tweeting tendencies when computed from raw data through a field of study called sociolinguistics.

The study here was originally uncorked by Fast Company and is taken from a paper …

Chinese Artist Ai Weiwei Breaks Silence on Google+

Nearly a month after famed Chinese artist and political activist Ai Weiwei was released from government detention, he’s finally broken his silence—on Google+.

It was a short message that Ai first posted in Chinese, announcing, “Greetings, I am here.” It was the first public message Ai has sent since he was released from three …

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