HP Veer, Smartphones’ Runt, Goes to AT&T on May 15

If you’re not a fan of the oversized smartphone craze, seek solace in HP’s Veer 4G, a diminutive smartphone that’s coming to AT&T for $99 on May 15.

By hiding a slide-out QWERTY keyboard behind a 2.6-inch, 320-by-400 resolution display, the HP Veer manages to be puny. Length and width are roughly equal to a credit card, and thickness …

What to Expect From webOS 2.0

When you truly believe in a product, you do whatever it takes to ensure its success. Despite whatever shenanigans are going on around you, you simply keep your head down and keep going. This is what Palm has been doing and today they’ve revealed a few things about to expect from webOS 2.0 with an early preview release for developers. …

HP Tablets with Palm Operating System Due ‘Early 2011’

On a company earnings call yesterday, Hewlett Packard’s Todd Bradley made it official that we can expect both Microsoft tablets and webOS (Palm’s mobile operating system) tablets to hit the market.

“You’ll see us with a Microsoft product out in the near future, and a webOS-based product in early 2011,” remarked Bradley when asked …

Palm webOS Design Director Heads To Google

This can’t be good. Matias Duarte has left Palm for Google.

The now former senior director of human interface and user experience for Palm was the genius behind webOS’s user interface and his departure does not bode well for new owner HP. Google has confirmed with All Things D that Duarte is joining his former Danger cohort Andy …

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