Windows Phone

Windows Phone Catch-Up Continues with Front-Facing Camera, Hotspot

As the launch of Microsoft’s Windows Phone “Mango” update approaches, the number of missing features keeps dwindling, with support for front-facing cameras and Wi-Fi hotspots now confirmed.

We’ve suspected that the next version of Windows Phones would support front-facing cameras, given that some upcoming Windows Phone handsets are …

The First Windows Phone ‘Mango’ Handset Revealed

Fujitsu is the first phone maker to announce a Windows Phone “Mango” handset, but don’t expect to lay hands on it unless you’re in Japan.

Still, the Fujitsu IS12T has some noteworthy features that will hopefully migrate to other Windows Phones, including a whopping 13.2-megapixel camera. (HTC was previously rumored to launch a Windows …

Windows Phone 7 ‘Mango’ Software Released to Manufacturers

It’s a big day for Windows Phone 7. That’s if you haven’t counted it out already, considering iOS and Android are still two of the biggest players in the smartphone game. But that hasn’t stopped Microsoft from green-lighting the latest Windows Phone 7 software release, Mango.

The paperwork’s all been signed off on Windows …

Nokia Promises Windows Phone This Year

Nokia has erased any doubt that it’ll launch its first Windows Phone in 2011.

This is My Next confirmed the news with Nokia spokesman Ray Haddow, which is good, because you might not get the message from CEO Stephen Elop’s corporatespeak: “Step by step, beginning this year, we plan to have a sequence of concentrated product launches …

Nokia to Sell Phone Business to Microsoft? Doubtful

The Internet rumor mill is buzzing and has churned out a slightly farfetched idea: Nokia may be selling its phone business to Microsoft.

This is total speculation, of course, but Russian blogger Eldar Murtazin, who scooped word of the deal first, has proven to have some foresight when it comes to Nokia. Last December when nobody …

Sprint Getting Its First Windows Phone Next Month

Microsoft’s new Windows Phone 7 platform is preparing to expand to another carrier. Starting March 20th, Sprint customers will be able to purchase the HTC Arrive for $200 after a $100 mail-in rebate and two-year contract.

Here in the U.S., Windows Phone 7 devices are currently available on AT&T and T-Mobile. Verizon plans to add the …

It’s Official: Microsoft to Launch Windows Phone 7 October 11th

Not that this should come as a huge surprise to anyone, but Microsoft will be holding the “Windows Phone 7 Worldwide Launch Event” in New York City next Monday, the 11th.

The company will be showcasing how Windows Phone 7 integrates with existing Microsoft products and T-Mobile and AT&T will be at the event to show off various Windows …

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