Windows Phone 7 ‘Mango’ Software Released to Manufacturers

It’s a big day for Windows Phone 7. That’s if you haven’t counted it out already, considering iOS and Android are still two of the biggest players in the smartphone game. But that hasn’t stopped Microsoft from green-lighting the latest Windows Phone 7 software release, Mango.

The paperwork’s all been signed off on Windows …

Windows Phone 7 Software Update Breaks Certain Handsets

There’s a big software update coming for Microsoft’s new Windows Phone 7 devices next month but the company’s rolling out some sort of minor pre-update in order to grease the wheels, so to speak.

That update has been gradually rolling out over the air to certain users this week, and people have been reporting that some Samsung …

App Of The Week: Kindle For Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone 7 owners finally have access to Amazon’s popular Kindle e-book reading app. It’s a free download from the Zune Marketplace.

The app features Amazon’s Whispersync technology to synchronize the page of the book you’re reading with other Kindle apps, the Kindle desktop software and the Kindle hardware reader if you have …

Two Minute Video: Windows Phone 7 Tips and Tricks

Here’s a quick look at some tricks you can do with your new Windows Phone 7 device. Aside from the tips contained in the above video, check these ones out as well for some additional functionality.

Quickly delete multiple e-mails

Tap the left-hand edge of any message in your inbox to expose checkboxes next to all your messages. Check

Windows Phone 7 Ushers In Zune Support For Macs

The head of marketing for Windows Phone in the UK has unofficially confirmed via Twitter that support for Zune on the Mac is coming. The update has since been removed but Microsoft has confirmed that a public beta will be out this year allowing Windows Phone 7 users to sync “select content” with their Macs. Whether or not that means …

It’s Official: Microsoft to Launch Windows Phone 7 October 11th

Not that this should come as a huge surprise to anyone, but Microsoft will be holding the “Windows Phone 7 Worldwide Launch Event” in New York City next Monday, the 11th.

The company will be showcasing how Windows Phone 7 integrates with existing Microsoft products and T-Mobile and AT&T will be at the event to show off various Windows …

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