Nightmare Over: You Can Now Mow Your Lawn from an iPhone

We’ve all been there. Does this sound familiar to you?

You’re at work and you realize you forgot to mow your lawn. You rush home in a panic. You miss several important meetings—or meetings that your company considers important, yet you’ve calculated how much it’d cost to build a lifelike dummy of yourself that lives in the …

Will You Webcast Your Funeral?

That question was phrased poorly.

You won’t be doing much of anything at your funeral. But would you want your funeral to be webcast for those who can’t attend? The practice is growing in popularity, according to a recent USA Today article.

The benefits, of course, are that those who live too far away, have no drivers license, …

Radio Toaster: Ultimate Convergence Device?

The fact that it took until 2011 for this to exist should make us all sad. But that sadness should only last for a short while because an invention as epic as the Radio Toaster brings only joy. And toast. And music!

The toast portion… well, makes toast. The radio portion does AM and FM, features 10 station presets and sports an …

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