WTF of the Day: FleshDrive

You have before you a USB drive. The aptly named FleshDrive is perfect for the adult film connoisseur. No longer will you have to store your naughty videos on your computer or bring a stack of DVDs on the plane or train, the FleshDrive and its “proprietary technology” work on all manner of machines regardless of format.

“Hours …

Why is RIM Shopping For a Mobile Ad Network?

The WSJ is reporting that BlackBerry maker RIM is looking to acquire a mobile ad network to offset their declining market share.

Baltimore-based Millennial Media is said to be the target acquisition but talks have stalled, according to WSJ’s sources. It seems the two sides have a disagreement over MM’s worth. With recent mobile ad …

What is the Microsoft Hardware Team Teasing on Twitter?

The team at Microsoft who’s in charge of mice, keyboards and other peripherals has turned to Twitter to tease out an upcoming product.

We caught a glimpse of said new product on July 27 with a spliced image revealing the corner of a matte black finish peripheral. Yesterday they offered the following hint: “Don’t be so …

Haden Blackman Resigns From LucasArts

Haden Blackman, the man behind The Force Unleashed, has resigned from LucasArts reports IGN. I’m rather shocked to hear this news because I met with Haden on Tuesday in the Presidio to talk about The Force Unleashed II and all seemed fine in TFU land. I guess not.

“I’ve had a fantastic time working with the team at Lucasfilm and am …

Man Stabbed In the Face Over Seating Squabble at Comic-Con

Reports are trickling out of the Hall H that an attendee has been stabbed in the face with a pen after a squabble over seating just before the Marvel Studios panel. Other attendees jumped in to stop the fight before things escalated even further. The victim was taken to the hospital and his condition is unknown. The attacker is now in …

Is Microsoft Holding Back Kinect?

An interesting thing happened when I got back from E3 and sat down to talk with Lev about what’s been going on while he was out on book leave. I told him my initial impressions of Kinect and Move and more or less pooh-poohed Kinect for its piss-poor showing at E3. I specifically mentioned the Forza demo I stood through where I …

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