Viral Videos For Dummies: YouTube Gets Scientific

YouTube is getting into the forecast business.

With new analytics hub YouTube Trends, user-generated is getting a long awaited ranking system. Intended a zeigeist of viral videos, Trends will essentially function as a blog that highlights YouTube uploads with viral potential – not unlike the hundreds of feeds doing just that on a …

Google Now Peddling Pizza Or Something

Umm…what? We’re not entirely sure what Google is trying to get at with this Google Mobile ad, but listening to someone say “pizza” for over 10 minutes has to be one of the most annoying things of all time. Watch for yourself and click on the following at the designated splits for a little reprieve:

basketball 00:42

YouTube Increases Upload Length To 15 Minutes

YouTube announced yesterday that its upload length would increase from 10 to 15 minutes. It’s probably a move to inspire more original content on the site to compete with other video social networking sites like Vimeo or Vox. As it is now, YouTube is great for music videos, amateur home videos with viral potential and the ever-popular …

YouTube Radio: YouTube Piano’s Interactive Sequel

From the brain trust behind 2009’s interactive musical play toy YouTube Piano comes YouTube Radio, a medley of YouTube-themed ditties.

Eight stations cover the music spectrum and aside from my inability to translate cat, each spits out YouTube centric lyrics in different musical styles. Hate jazz? Just change the station by clicking …

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