Bungie Will Release New Halo 3 Content. Wort Wort Wort

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Yesterday I got an advance copy of LucasArts’ Fracture in the mail, so I’ve been deforming terrain like a mother. But embargoes are very chic at the moment, and LucasArts has embargoed reviews of the game till October. So that’s all I can say.

In other news, Bungie has released a teaser-thing for a new Halo-related project. The teaser-thing is called “Keep It Clean.” Here it is:

Everybody seems to think this is Bungie’s way of announcing a new single-player Halo 3 campaign, probably dropping January. Which is good news for me, because that’s mostly how I roll in Halo: singly.

In other news, this image came to me via io9. It’s cool:



I want to buy it and mail it to myself in 1985.