The New Star Trek Trailer Is Online

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I will not insult you by embedding a crappy version of it here. Go watch it on Apple.

My take: this trailer does not suck, but neither does it rule out the possibility of the movie sucking. I was pretty meh about the opening bit — if you want to show me that Kirk is some disaffected Rebel Without a Cause kind of guy, OK, yeah, I’m happy to go along with that idea, but there must have been some other way to do it than to show him skidding a car into the Grand Canyon and then leaping out at the last second. There isn’t any part of that that isn’t a cliche. And it just doesn’t make sense. I mean, why would someone do that? That’s not sticking it to the man. It’s just a waste of a nice car.

And the stuff about Spock’s dual heritage — come on, that’s not reboot, that’s just cut and paste.

But the 2 seconds of Simon Pegg redeem the entire thing.