Windows 7? I’m Not Through Hating Vista Yet!

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There appears to be some kind of pan-industry collusion going on in the tech world, whereby nothing interesting can happen, ever. MacWorld was pretty ho-hum, and Ballmer’s keynote at CES last night was mighty drab as well. (A true technology journalist would have written that it “failed to excite.”) The only thing that stuck with me is the stuff about Windows 7. Am I the only one who’s surprised at Microsoft’s turnaround time on this project? They have a beta out this Friday? Vista only came out in January of 2007! What, did they outsource development to Apple? Hey, maybe they licensed that nifty new NeXT OS I’ve been hearing so much about.

Supposedly W7 is less of an almighty resource-devourer than Vista — or rather it has the same almighty devouring capacity, but hardware has finally caught up — and it’s prettier and stabler. The touch-screen features strike me as flashy and useless, but I’ve seen the photo-sharing stuff demoed, and that was impressive. So cheers to that.

I’ll retroactively retract my surprise if they don’t release this year.