The Remnants

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There’s a Web video pilot making the rounds called The Remnants, about a bunch of nerdy people who band together in the wake of a near-species-ending catastrophe and scavenge through suburban homes in search of leftover Pringles and video game consoles and such. It’s here.

(It’s a Vimeo video, which means I can’t embed it here because our blog software only likes YouTube. After Twitter, and the crippled version of the Gmail client that runs in iGoogle, this is the thing I hate the most about the Web.)

The Remnants was written by somebody named John August, who is credited as a writer on some things both good (Go) and bad (Charlie’s Angels) and worse (Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle). This, however, is really good. Apparently it was spawned by the writer’s strike last year, like Dr. Horrible. It’s quick and funny and a bit creepy and really just gnaws away at the roots of the whole post-apocalyptic genre like a beaver trying to fell a tree. You should check it out.