Thank you for wishing me a happy birthday

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From the Department of Facebook Etiquette: It’s my birthday today. (Thanks! No, seriously, thanks! When’s yours? No way! That’s the same day as my aunt, dude…)

Like just about ever other idiot who immigrated to Facebook some time ago, during registration, I dutifully filled in my birth date. That, plus the fact that I am a promiscuous friender—I will accept almost any Friend request—has resulted in a stream of birthday greetings. (A few an hour for the past few days. I’m not *that* popular. Still, it’s an interesting phenomenon that I’ve never experienced.)

So, like, without actually messaging each person back and saying, thanks!, how do you deal with that? My wife suggested updating my status to something like, “Josh says thanks for all the birthday greetings!” But that seems even more vulgar than writing this post.


Birthday Baffled,

Mill Valley, CA.