Miscellanea: Flying Cars; IBM and Sun; Video Game Museum; Webcomics

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— Terrafugia has successfully road-tested its ‘flying car,’ in defiance of the fact that I don’t really want a flying car. It basically just looks like a plane with big wheels on it anyway. I’m holding out for hoverbikes.

— Apparently IBM is thinking about buying Sun. Sure, why not?

The National Center for the History of Electronic Games has been established in Rochester, NY, ensuring in one fell swoop that a) the still-young medium but already-major medium of video games will have a proper bricks-and-mortar shrine, and b) that I will almost certainly never visit it, because it’s in Rochester, NY.

— Not to go on, but two of my favorite webcomics are reaching major plot points at the same moment. In The Order of the Stick, Varsuuvius is finally hella smiting the dragon that was menacing his/her mate and kids, having filled him/herself with the might of three damned mega-mages. Meanwhile in Erfworld, the plane-shifted warlord/gamer Parson has hit on a last desperate gambit to try to win the hopeless scenario he’s been handed. It’s a cosmic alignment, just like in The Dark Crystal.