Simon Rohrich is More Nerd Than You or I Will Ever Be

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Three things that have been on mind, as I sit here trying to decide if I am sick enough to not go into work.

One: this magisterial history of Matter-Eater Lad, who has to be on anybody’s list of the worst-named superheroes of all time, but who manages to salvage a strange alien dignity despite his lame power. I like the part where he heats the Miracle Machine and goes insane.

Two: Macs can now apparently be zombified into botnets. Drag.

Three: My attention has been called to the existence of Simon Rohrich, one of the inventors of the S.P.E.A.R., or Self-Propelled Electronic Armored Rack, a motorized mini-data-center hardened against any conceivable form of attack or misfortune. Plus it has blinky lights on it. Eat that, Matter-Eater Lad! Then you will know the true meaning of insanity.

I feel better knowing that S.P.E.A.R is in the world, and when civilization falls I will serve Simon Rohrich gladly. The more so because he’s really tall and a hardcore S.C.A. fighter. It’s worth reading this lengthy profile of him in the Phoenix New Times.